A Perfect Moment

Filmed in the summer of 2017, you will feel the excitement in the lives of a young punk band from Keene, NH and hear from Los Angeles based professionals about the collaboration between musicians and filmmakers.

Awakened Access

For years, a young pilot is haunted by a reoccurring dream and awoken at the same time every night. One night he finds his dream becoming more real than he could ever have imagined.

Hidden Transition

While playing hide and seek with friends, a young girl wanders off and stumbles upon an intriguing place that starts her off on an enlightening journey. 


 Detective or Detected? Perspective takes a u-turn in this neo-noir short. 

Trajectory Steps

While on his nightly stargazing excursion, a young boy encounters an unexpected interruption from a mystifying light source. Intrigued by the glow, the boy allows his curiosity to guide him as he follows the light and embarks on a fated adventure. 

As I See It

A young optometrist is feeling trapped in the life she has chosen. At odds with her mother, and feeling a bit taken advantage of in her family's practice, she contemplates her future. While on a daily coffee run from her stressful job she meets a charismatic barista who shows her that looking through other people's eyes isn't the only perspective she can have. 

The Long Run

This short film follows a girl's thoughts as she runs through the familiar and unfamiliar. 

One Man's Noise... is another man's music

When a man just wants to relax after a days work, he's overwhelmed with stressful phone messages. As an outlet he then turns the rhythm of the messages, and the sounds around him, into a musical backdrop for improvisation.